Opening: 05.01.2018, 7 pm

OUTLINE is an initiative of two graphic designers (Tjobo Kho, Wouter Stroet) and two photographers (Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, Maite Vanhellemon) who are currently graduating at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands.

After having spent between one and three months in Sarajevo in fall 2017 and having organised several events such as lectures, workshops, short film screenings and walks through the city, as a result, OUTLINE is launching a publication on their investigations on the cross-contamination of different artistic standpoints of individuals with a different frame of reference, cultural background and geographical location, which additionally will be put on display in different forms during an exhibition at SKLOP.

Friday, January 5th : OPENING
19:00h Publication release
20:00h Performance by Smirna Kulenović ‘cope-with-frustration’, followed by a short reading by Maite Vanhellemont
21:00h Music performance by Spacelufter

Saturday, January 6th : OPEN ALL DAY
11:00h – 18:00h

Sunday, January 7th: OPEN ALL DAY
11:00h – 18:00h
16:00 Talk ‘Outlining new strategies of work’ moderated by Sandra Bradvić

The talk is aimed at identifying and addressing some of the most aggravating working conditions in the field of culture in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Hercegovina in general. Well known topics like cultural policy and fundraising, but also new strategies for (international) collaboration and exchange will be addressed.


Pierre Courtin, Founder Duplex100m2, Sarajevo
Zulfikar Filandra, Film and theater director, Sarajevo
Smirna Kulenović, arist and curator, GSU Brodac, Sarajevo
Djenita Kustrić, artist and lecturer for art technologies, The Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo
OUTLINE (Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, Tjobo Kho, Wouter Stroet, Maite Vanhellemon)
Moderated by Sandra Bradvić, art historian/curator, Sarajevo/Zurich

Free admission, no registration needed

Opening hours during the exhibition: Fridays, 2-6pm