artist in residence

Tjobo Kho, Amsterdam


Tjobo Kho is one of four members of OUTLINE, an initiative of two graphic designers (Tjobo Kho, Wouter Stroet) and two photographers (Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, Maite Vanhellemon) who are currently graduating at the University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Outline is a continuously evolving platform, which is not connected to a specific context, for exchanging stories and references from people all over the world. To give this platform a good start we spent one month in Sarajevo to artistically explore the city, and take a closer look at cultural similarities and differences. Encountering people with different frames of reference and exchanging ideas is essential for a better understanding of each other.

This whole month we investigated the cross-contamination of different artistic standpoints of individuals with a different frame of reference, cultural background and geographical location. To realize this we organized several events such as lectures, workshops, short film screenings and walks through the city.

After this period of organizing, gathering and making new friends, a lot of fragments remain. Interesting stories, projects, mentalities and ideas, which are strongly connected to both the history and the present situation in Sarajevo, will fill our online platform any time soon.

We are starting our weekly program called ‘Anything Makes Sense’ which gives you the chance to peek into someones mind for a bit.  Every sunday we will invite someone to share some references or ideas.”