The Zvono Award

The Zvono Award 2018 – Igor Bošnjak in NYC!

February-March, 2019

The Zvono Award 2018 winner Igor Bošnjak in NYC!

A couple of days ago, Igor Bošnjak arrived in New York, where as the winner of The Zvono Award 2018 he is currently attending a residency programme at Residency Unlimited (RU). During the next two months he will have the opportunity to meet with NY based artists and curators, which are organised by RU on a weekly basis; to explore the city’s innumerable galleries, art spaces and museums; and to meet with other current artists in residence from other countries of the Young Visual Artists Award. Many thanks to Boško Bošković and Nataša Prljević (on the photo too) and the entire RU team for putting so much effort and heart into making this stay for the artists a truly unique and unforgettable opportunity!