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Atelier Scholarships of the Province of Styria/AT

Nora Köhler & Susanne Schlögl in Sarajevo in October/November 2021!

SKLOP is pleased to host in Sarajevo Nora Köhler and Susanne Schlögl as the recipients of the Atelier Scholarship, provided by the Office of the Styrian Provincial Government – Department Culture, Europe, External Relations.

During their stay in Sarajevo in October & November 2021 the two interdisciplinary artists will continue their work and research within the project Landfill site – Life is a dump (Sturzplatz – Das Leben ist eine Deponie).

The landfill site stands as a symbol for the place where one leaves behind the unwanted. The project deals with a young generation that gets rid of everything that no longer promises any use. The range of discarding extends from personal items to “real garbage” and to emotional burdens. The project thus portrays personal and social situations, addresses transience, and questions the consumer and throwaway society. The artists plan to visit vacant lots, garbage dumps, non-places and to capture them by means of video, which they use as a backdrop for live performances.

Born in Graz in 1991, Nora has worked as a freelance theater maker, performance artist and musician since 2010. She studied philosophy, linguistics and global studies at the KF University of Graz and received her master’s degree in Linguistics in 2017. Since 2020 she has been studying performative art in Carola Dertnig’s class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 2015 she founded the performance collective Das Planetenparty Prinzip together with 8 other artists, which is the focus of her artistic activity. Nora has worked as a performer and director in various theater productions, as well as an actress in films and developed pieces with young people as a theater pedagogue. She is also a drummer and singer in various formations (including Land of Ooo, Bird of the Year).

Susanne Schlögl
Born in 1995 in Weiz, Susanne lives and works in Graz and Bratislava. She graduated from the HTBLVA Ortweinschule for Sculpting in 2014. In 2018 she completed her studies as a graphic designer and has been studying information design since 2020. As a member of Risograd Graz and the Lunar Lab illustration collective, her main focus is on printing and illustration. For her projects, she often networks with local artists and cultural workers.

The residency of Nora Köhler and Susanne Hödl in Sarajevo has been supported by the Land of Styria Government, Department for Culture, Europe and Foreign Affairs.