HIDDEN – The ZVONO Award – Jury

The jury is composed of five members: previous award winner and four local, regional and international art historians, curators or artists.

The jury members are selected by the Association for research, documentation and artist representation SKLOP in agreement with YVAA The Young Visual Artist Award. SKLOP and YVAA do not participate in the jury selection process. Every member of the jury is independent in its own decision making.

The basis for the selection builds the quality and innovativeness of the works created in the last two years, the general artistic portfolio, prior exhibition activities and accomplishments, and demonstrated potential.

Selection process

The selection process of the award winner is devided in two cycles.

During the first cycle of, the jury screens all applications received and selects among them the 4 finalists. The work of the four finalists is presented in a curated group show.

During the second cycle, the jury selects the award winner in the finalist’s group exhibition, justifies its choice in a jury statement and announces the winner at the opening of the finalist’s group exhibition.  

The award is awarded to one artist only.

The award for the award winner consists of a two-months residency in New York at Residency Unlimited and a solo exhibition upon the return of the award winner from the US.