The ZVONO Award – Open call

Association for research, documentation and artist representation SKLOP is pleased to announce the open call for The ZVONO Award 2018 – YVVA The Young Visual Artists Award for young visual artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina up to the age of 40.

The call is open to visual artists working in the field of contemporary art including painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, installation, photography, video, performance, new media, or might have an interdisciplinary approach.

The award is not open for artists working in the field of applied arts, such as design, theater, dance or film.

The ZVONO Award for the award winner consists of a two-months residency in New York at Residency Unlimited and a solo exhibition upon return from the US.

Application deadline: April 30, 2018


-The call is open to visual artists from Bosnia-Hercegovina up to the age of 40, working in the field of contemporary art including painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, installation, photography, video, performance, new media, or having an interdisciplinary approach.

-The award is not concerned with the applied arts such as design, theater, and film.

-The applicant should have graduated from the Academy/University and and have a considerable body of work and exhibitions at home and abroad.

-Visual artists may apply for the contest on their own or can be nominated by institutions, individuals, professionals from the field of the visual arts or other citizens.

-The candidates need not to be citizens of the award’s country (BiH) but their artistic development and career must have been formed there. As with emigre artists, they should be members of the artistic community and regularly exhibit in the country.

-English communication skills are of great importance in order to successfully participate in the residency program in New York, but also to be able to communicate with professionals and artists.

-The date for the two-moths residency in New York for The ZVONO Award 2018 winner is February and March, 2019. This date is binding. If an applicant due to any reasons (other residencies, planned exhibitions, personal reasons) is not available to travel to New York during the named period, he/she is kindly requested to consider applying for one of the next open calls.

Application process:

-Each applicant is obliged to send the fully filled application form, an artist statement, artistic curriculum vitae (CV) both in b/h/s and English language, and the visual documentation of the work/s.

-The application form can be downloaded on www.sklop.org

-Applicants apply via the application form with 1-3 work/s.

-Each of the works in the application form needs to be accompanied by visual documentation – 1-5 photographs of each work (3-5 MB max. for all)

-The visual documentation implies photographs only. This means that any kind of work/media (painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, new media, performance) needs to be documented photographically (close-up view, overall artwork/installation view, details, etc.) or by film/video stills

-CD/DVD/VHS documentation of original works will not be accepted

-It is possible to attach direct links of (video) work/works in the short description on the application form.

-The obligatory application form can optionally be accompanied by an artistic portfolio (max. 2MB)

-Application form, artist statement and CV need to be filled out in both, b/h/s and English

-Applications sent by post office will not be accepted

-Only Applications sent by e-mail are accepted: sklop@sklop.org

-Application deadline: 30.04.2018